Why Song of Songs?

Song of Songs is a biblically based marriage enrichment program for married couples, presented during a weekend getaway at Bergwaters Eco Lodge & Spa, by Chantel (my wife) and I (Ivan) a married couple who having experienced crippling marital problems, found each other again by the Grace of God.

There are very few circumstances a married couple can experience that we cannot directly relate to. To put it bluntly we really messed up. God took us through a reconciliation process, a learning process and spiritual restoration. We can honestly tell you we have never looked back,  and we'd like to share this experience with you.  

We will open our hearts to you, share our life experiences with you, and we  do so willingly under the guidance of our Heavenly Father and His Holy Spirit..

The main emphasis of the weekend is a clear understanding of the biblical truths for marriage and Gods intension for your marriage. Song of Songs will give you the opportunity to rediscover each other, examine your marriage in this light and re-establish the communication channels.

Do any of these describe your marriage relationship?

If so, then we can help you!

Our Song of Songs program will help you get back on track towards the blissful marriage you dreamed of. If you didn't think we can help because you didn't think your spouse would be willing to put in the effort, you may just be surprised that your spouse thinks the same of you. We are people just like you who have been there and survived. We will be able to relate to your situation.

What Song of Songs is not! 

It is not a "couples retreat",
It is not marriage counselling,
It is not marriage self help,
It is not an esoteric sensitivity group cession,
It is not a mystic group dynamics cession
You will not be called upon to discuss or disclose your personal issues with all and sundry or with anybody for that matter.

What about Divorce?

Divorce is not the solution, it’s the problem!. Most couples divorce because of hopelessness and they see no alternative.

The pain and cost of divorce is incalculable. You will never be better off divorced. Divorced couples suffer more health problems, stress problems, work problems, financial problems, than married couples.  Even unhappy married couples are better-off than divorced couples. Children of divorced parents take strain at school,  it affects their health , they are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and are more likely to divorce later in life than children of parents who stayed married.

Discover how to build your house on a "Rock Solid Foundation", like we did. Learn how to love your spouse the way God intended, how to resolve your problems, how to enjoy a beautiful, clean, intimate, blissful, rewarding, sexual relationship. We CAN help you achieve this, it IS possible...we are living testimony.

Book your place NOW, don't delay, places are limited!

We work on a first-come, first-served basis. If affordability is an issue, talk to us perhaps we can help find a solution.

We do not charge for the program. You only pay for your meals and accommodation. There are tons of gifs and surprises that will surely delight you and your spouse. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

If you have any questions causing you uncertainty, ask. Call us or send an email. We will do our best to give you the answers you need to finalise your decision regarding participation in our program.