Bergwaters hotspot - fast internet 4 free

For your convenience and pleasure, we have installed fast internet using the latest satellite technology available. A wireless hotspot is broadcast throughout the lodge enabling connection anywhere around the lodge - your room, the pool area, the bar, the lounge etc, using your cell phone, laptop or tablet. Our service is fast enough to accommodate Skype and audio video streaming.

Because ADSL isn't available out here in the country, we connect to a satellite via our own satellite dish, the satellite relays back to a gateway connecting us to the World Wide Web.We broadcast internet connectivity throughout the lodge using an omni antenna which we like to call the “Rocket”, providing download at up to 5 Mbps and upload at up to 500 Kbps.

We'll allocate 90Megabytes download and unlimited upload per day to your account at no charge. Multiple devices can be connected, simultaneously if required, and consumption on all devices will be logged to your account. This allocation is usually adequate for email and browsing, however, purchasing any combination of the following packages will enable additional capacity if required.

Available packages:

Please contact us in the event that you require more information or assistance.