Eco Tourism


Eco Tourism

Blue Dragon Fly


Blue Dragon Fly




End of the Rainbow Waterval Boven


End of the Rainbow Waterval Boven

Eco Tourism - Our Approach

The Ecotourism Society defines eco-tourism as ‘responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people’. Essentially eco-tourism should unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

To determine if eco-tourism really is the form of travel on offer, ask the following questions:

bergwatersLOGOj  is the environment being looked after?

bergwatersLOGOj  is the local community being uplifted?

bergwatersLOGOj  does the travel build environmental awareness?

bergwatersLOGOj  are resources remaining for future generations?

bergwatersLOGOj  does the travel respect local culture?

Bergwaters Eco Loge & Spa has adopted this philosophy and embarked on an eco-tourism program to ensure that we continuously reduce our impact on our natural surrounds and resources while providing visitors with a unique, but low impact experience.

This is what we do:

bergwatersLOGOj  encourage and support eco-friendly tourism,

bergwatersLOGOj  minimize our negative impacts – through waste recycling, composting, reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint,

bergwatersLOGOj  provide training to all our staff on the implementation of sustainable eco-friendly tourism,

bergwatersLOGOj  eradicate and manage the spread of invading and on indigenous vegetation,

bergwatersLOGOj use our water resources in a responsible and sustainable manner,

bergwatersLOGOj  implement responsible use of cleaning chemicals,

bergwatersLOGOj  give back – through direct involvement in conservation.

This is what you can do:

bergwatersLOGOj  support eco-friendly accommodations, tourist destinations and organisations,

bergwatersLOGOj  support sustainable tourism activities - wind surfing instead of jet-skiing, cycling or hiking instead of using bikes & quads,

bergwatersLOGOj  add a “volunteer day” onto your holiday – help out and give back to the environment, 

bergwatersLOGOj  reduce your own individual carbon footprint – travel by train, hire a smaller car, choose low carbon emission airlines, don’t leave you room lights and air-conditioner on when you don’t need them,

bergwatersLOGOj  support responsible waste management – find out where the recycling bins are, don’t litter, don’t reduce the efficiency of sewage systems by disposing of foreign materials,

bergwatersLOGOj  use water resources responsibly – use less water by showering instead or bathing, don’t pollute waters systems, don’t leave the basin tap running unnecessarily,

bergwatersLOGOj  adopt an eco friendly lifestyle at home, work and away.


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